The Riverview Educational Foundation fun run Nov. 10th at Tolt Middle School.

Jerry NA7Z <GJRCK@...>

The following members of CDARC assisted with providing communications
during the 5K and 10K run event at the Tolt Middle School, in
Carnation. Brian Drake KE7JWI, Rowland Brasch K7RWB, Rick Burns KB7CIN,
Chuck Powrie KE7JWP, Barbara Powrie K7XIT, Jim Harriger W7JDH, John
Gravendyk KE7KYG and Jerry Konoske NA7Z.

It was neat that we could assist another organization in this fund
rasing and good that we could do it as a club. It also provided the
opportunity to practice communications and the use of our equipment.

My thanks to all that took part.

Jerry Konoske, NA7Z