Rowland - K7RWB <slick56@...>

SPAM Problem

Hi Eveyone,

As you have noticed we occationally get someone who joins the site
and thens sends out a message about junk. As soon as Jerry or I see
it we remove them and the message although by that time it has
already gone out to all of you. This is the third time for this
particular person. I banned them from the site but they will be back
again under another user name.

We can set this site up so we have to approve membership prior to it
being official. In other words someone will apply as you all did but
instead of it being automatic the site emails Jerry and I telling us
to decide if this application is ok. If it is we click ok and they
are good to go. If it isn't we click refuse and they go away.

So far we have only had about 4 occurances with spammer on this site
so I am not to worried about it now. If it starts to increase then
we might consider the above.

Thanks for listening.