File - Operating Guidelines


The following is a periodic reminder of the operating guidelines of Snoqualmie Valley Amateur Radio Club (SVARC) KE7GFZ@... mailing list. If you do not wish to abide by these, you should unsubscribe.

KE7GFZ@... is a general discussion list that exists for the sharing of Amateur Radio information and SVARC matters pertaining to the interests of SVARC members.

KE7GFZ@... is not an official `Question and Answer' list and all responses are to be considered opinions of the sender and not official SVARC positions unless so stated by someone with the authority to do so.

As this list exists to further communications between members, the exchange of information about the promotion of Amateur Radio is encouraged.

SVARC is a family oriented organization. Spam, flame wars, personal attacks, posting of knowingly false and/or defamatory matter or other abusive or offensive behavior will not be tolerated.

Moderators can suspend or remove members who violate these rules after warnings, but reserve the right to remove members at any time due to excessive behavior.

A moderator has the right to close any topic.

SVARC and Amateur Radio activities may be promoted here, but sales of commercial merchandises are not permitted.

All messages are to be signed with the sender's name as list members have the right to know who is speaking. An Alias or Handle is not acceptable.

SVARC is not responsible or liable for the personal opinions expressed on this list.

Copyrights must be honored. Quotes or excerpts from copyrighted material, under the `Fair Use' provision of the law, should always credit the source. Photos or drawings not your own, must not be uploaded or shared without the explicit permission of the owner or
copyright holder.