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Thanks Paul,

Did not want to get to detailed in my explanation but sums it up.

Landscape experience or farming? My is based on agriculture.


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I have more experience with this than I'd like.

Crossbow is a Dow product, it's triclopyr and 2,4-D plus a surfactant that helps it stick to leaves that have waxy surfaces (like blackberry).

Roundup is glyphosate.  Some varieties include a surfactant, too.  My experience is that the surfactant helps a lot.

Anything with those active ingredients in the right proportions will work just as well, but some of the cheaper alternatives lack surfactants.

For blackberries and salmonberries, timing counts for a great deal, in particular if you spray early in the year you'll seem to have won but it will spring back with a vengeance next spring.

I've had very good success with tackling large patches in early fall, after the berries are gone and just before you think the leaves are going to start to turn.  Spray it all at the *recommended* rate.  If you use too much, you'll just burn the leaves and not actually kill the roots.  Then, a week later, go around and spray again.  Wait until the effect is really apparent, then mow the canes right down to the ground with a brushcutter.

-Paul KG7STV

Paul Butzi (W7PFB)

Not really farming, not really landscape.  I just have a lot of forest, the battle with blackberries and salmonberries is never-ending, and I've had plenty of chances to take advice from the forestry people at both King County and the WA state extension, as well as from forest contractors.  It took me a few years to figure out but at least I'm no longer badly losing the battle.  It's now more more like 5 steps forward in the fall and 4 steps back in the spring.

In my experience herbicides alone won't prevail, and neither will mechanical control alone.  Together - you will win in the end.

-Paul KG7STV