SnoVARC Weekly net report 16 JAN 2020

Ralph Lease

KC7QXD Ralph (net control) opened the net at 20:00 hours.

The following hams checked in:

W7ECK Ken in Duvall
W7ABD Jim in Duvall with traffic for the net
WA1HEM Howard in Duvall
KD7HCW Lou East of Duvall
KG7IFA Lindy in Carnation
K7KDW Kirt in Monrow
W7PFB Paul in Carnation
WA7TBP Tom in Carnation with traffic for the net
WA7KK Ken in North Bend
KF7PQL Chuck in Carnation
AA7Z Dick in Lake Marcel
KJ7QWZ Jason in Kingston

Jim reported the following hams checked in via Winlink:

W7PFB via HF and VHF
AA7Z Dick via VHF
W7ABD Jim via telnet

Tom announced there would be a Cougar Mountain Repeater failure exercise at the conclusion of the regular scheduled net.

The net was returned to regular amateur use at 20:14

Thank you to everyone who participated in the net and also the repeater failure exercise that followed.

Ralph Lease