Grow lights bill SHB 1019 needs ham comments

Robin WA7CPA

This is what I wrote, but others will likely have other effective commentary:

As a federally licensed amateur radio operator (WA7CPA) I strenuously object to residential marijuana grow lights. They create illegal radio frequency interference with cheap products that completely wipe out the ability for amateur radio operators to receive high frequency signals. Our hobby is the last line of communication when all else fails. Amateur radio needs to be protected. Hobbyists have made very substantial investments in radio infrastructure that is rendered useless by grow lights. Many who have been "hams" for decades have suddenly found their stations to be inoperable due to grow lights. The higher public good is served by amateur radio than by proliferation of residential grow lights.

Robin WA7CPA

If you care about the RFI from residential grow lights please comment on the bill at link above. Many local hams are commenting. It would be great to add Snovarcian voices to school legislators on the higher public good of keeping ham radio operators able to operate effectively in an emergency on HF, etc. We don't have to be against marijuana to object, just against the cheap FCC illegal junk being purchased at the Big Box stores for residential application. 

Thank you for taking a minute to comment at the link above

Robin, WA7CPA