CDCCC Radio Communication Exercise - March 20th


SNOVAR members. Please see the attached information about a CDCCC CERT and SNOVARC exercise on March 20th. In addition, there is some information about the Code Red system as well. 
The exercise will be an informational gathering and radio net exercise.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me at home, 425-333-4833 or via e-mail, tomwa7tbp@....
Hope to see you at the exercise.

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Subject: CDCCC Radio Communication Exercise - March 20th

CDCCC will be hosting a radio communication exercise on Saturday March 20th. Please see the event flyer in the attachment link at the end of this email.

Other CDCCC news:
One of the largest ongoing complaints about the CodeRED system we use to send alerts to your phone is that the caller IDs come up weird. To help address this we have created a contact card (like a digital business card) and you can download it here:

If you don't want to download it, here are the numbers:
For text alerts, the message may come from 76993, 468311, or 76127.
For voice calls, the message may come from 855-969-4636 or 866-419-5000.
Since these numbers are shared by CDCCC and King County, we recommend the contact name "CodeRED Alerts".

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