Third Thursday mini exercise


Hello everyone. I apologize for the delay in getting this info to you. I thought I had sent it already, but found it in my drafts folder. Again, sorry about that.
For tonight's mini exercise, we will use the Cougar repeater to coordinate our 6 meter tune up activities.
I am interested in trying a six meter repeater. The information is below:
    RX is 53.83 MHz, TX 52.13 MHz, (-1.7 MHz shift), tone is 123.0 Hz.
Once we have completed testing on the repeater, we will try the following 6 meter FM simplex, 52.54 MHz, no tone, no shift.
When we have completed our test on FM simplex, we will try 50.200 USB.
Again, we will coordinate our activities on the Cougar Repeater. I will be net control. I will record the check ins. Then, I will ask each station to try a test count, and all stations should record how good the repeater signal is and the quality of the audio of the input signal. For example, I would say WA7TBP testing, 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1. Depending on the number of participants, I may allow station to station contacts. We will repeat this process for the simplex and SSB portion of the exercise. Please remain flexible while we do the tune up. 
Hope I haven't caused you too much inconvenience with this late notice. I will try to do better for January.
See you tonight.