COVID alert


See message below.  Basically I suggest staying away from the Carnation City building which includes the SnoVARC Shack until they send out a message stating it is safe once again.



Hello again, Rowland,


In case you’ve been at city hall recently, I wanted to notify you that one of our employees tested positive for COVID this afternoon and has been inside city hall this week.  The building shares HVAC between the two floors, though this employee’s actual office is not in the north side of the building with the ductwork.  We have sent all of our employees home and are asking them to be tested.  We plan to have the offices cleaned but our cleaning person also has a 2-day old COVID case in her family, so we will need to find a different service provider for that.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Take care,


Mary Madole
Assistant to the City Manager/City Clerk

City of Carnation | 4621 Tolt Avenue | POB 1238 | Carnation, WA 98014-1238

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