Third Thursday mini exercise, June 16th


Hello everyone:
This Thursday, our mini exercise will be testing the Myers UHF repeater and VHF cross band access. After the check in net, I will be the net control and we will test your ability to access the Myers repeater directly. Then, we will try accessing the Myers repeater via the VHF cross band channel. For this exercise, I would like you to record the information using your own format. I will not be providing you a data sheet this time.
We will test the UHF Myers repeater first. We will run the Myers repeater check in net on the Myers repeater. I will ask each station to run a test. The script is as follows, "WA7TBP testing, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. WA7TBP clear." Each station on the net will do the same test. Please record the usability of the signals of the stations you hear. We will follow the same procedure when testing the VHF cross band frequency. Please be flexible as always. Sometimes, one of you comes up with a great idea and I want to use it during the test. I always appreciate the ideas. 
Tech data:
    Cougar repeater (check in net), 441.825 MHz, plus 5 MHz, tone 103.5 Hz.
    Myers repeater, 443.250 MHz, plus 5 MHz, tone is 103.5 Hz.
    Myers VHF cross band, 145.590 MHz simplex, use tone 162.2 Hz.
I will monitor the Cougar repeater during the Myers repeater testing just in case anyone cannot access the repeater directly or via the cross band.
Myself and others have been testing the Myers repeater. Compared to the original set up, the new set up has resulted in improved range. It will be interesting to see the data from this test.
Looking forward to hearing you on the the net this Thursday. If you have any questions, please e-mail me or call me at home, 425-333-4833.