Amazing HF Antenna


Hi All,

Just wanted to tell you the wonderful success I had with a very simple end fed half wave antenna transformer (as titled by mfg). It is called the TennTennas and I bought it on Ebay for $40 plus shipping.  It is a simple wire wound choke 49:1 mounted in a black box with connectors for a wire and ground and for PL250 coax connection. It is recommended by the gentleman who builds these to use 50' of coax and 65' of wire.  I got it up on a tree at about 40' for the box and then another tree for the wire.  I made well over 100 contacts without much effort.  This was on several different bands (20, 40, 80) without the need for a tuner.

This antenna would be great for Field Day, homes that have antenna restrictions or limited space available, SOTA, POTA  and so on.  Very compact.

All I can say is it worked great wil very little effort.