Assist to North Bend Bicycle Ride

Jerry NA7Z <GJRCK@...>

If anyone can help on the following please let me know. Jerry NA7Z

The Valley is having a Bike Race Tour De Peaks on July 27.  SECAST
and North Bend group are providing radio support for the racers and
staff.  One leg the long leg takes the race down to Carnation at that
Park on the edge of town, then returns back up to Snoqualmie/North

The race again is  July 27th  0900-1430 route closes at 1400 so the
last 30 minutes is for stragglers. If your group [SVARC] can provide
a 4-5 volunteers that would be great.  I will be having a group
meeting the week prior to the race to nail down the static points
once we have a final head count.

The bike race route is from Snoqualmie to Fall City SR 203 to
Carnation at Mc Donald Park (I believe they go over Ames Lake back to
SR 202 ) and then back to Fall City and return to Snoqualmie. In
years past we have driven the route looking for bikers with issues. 
With the rising cost of gas this year we are attempting more static
points and riders have been instructed to call race headquarters if
they have an issue and drivers will be dispatched to assist
them.   We will be using VHF 146.980  –dup 100.00 tone     UHF
444.925  +dup 85.4 tone  Simplex   147.540  Obviously the
simplex will only work for the shorter distances so typically using
the repeaters for most communication.  Using both VHF and UHF to
allow the flexibility of equipment that volunteers have.