EYEWARN NET Correction


I did a date error for this.  Please see corrected version below and the date is 2/23/23…

Thursday night (02/23/23) will be the first introduction of the EYEWARN reporting system.  It will take place at 20:00  (8 PM) just before the weekly SnoVARC net. It will be brief with just a few questions for each interested participant to answer. For the time being we will be holding this net every week just before the SnoVARC net except on the first Thursday of the month which is meeting night and no net takes place.

For those not familiar with EYEWARN the following is a brief explanation.

"EYEWARN is a program organized by the Snoqualmie Valley Amateur Radio Club (SnoVARC). It is a group of amateur radio volunteers throughout the region providing visual reporting of areas where damages or emergencies may exist.

This service will provide the incident Emergency Managers better visibility and situational awareness of the affected area.   EYEWARN’s visually acquired  information will be reported to the requesting agencies."

For this first time we will be answering three questions.

Hope you will participate in this net as we develop the program.