Ham radio class, May 7 & 14


Hello everyone. 
If you have family or friends that would like to get their ham radio license, Issaquah Citizen Corp will be offering a 2 day class for new operators to achieve their Technician license, or you may take a separate class to upgrade to General class. The details are shown below:
HAM Radio Technician License Training, sponsored by the Issaquah Amateur Radio Club (IARC) and the Issaquah Citizen Corps to help you get your Technician, General or Amateur Extra level amateur radio license, will be in the Rainier Room at the Issaquah Community Center on two consecutive Saturdays, May 7 and 14, 2022.  Both days tend to be full, and will go from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm with a break for lunch. 

Usually the course covers the Technician license, but for this time, there will be a separate session for those who want to get their General license.  The classes will be taught at the same time, but in different rooms.  The Technician session will be limited to 40 people (including instructors) and the General session to 20 (also including instructors).  Cost for either class is $15.

Testing will include the Technician, General and Amateur Extra levels. All testing will begin early in the afternoon on May 14th, and should take 30 minutes.  It is immediately graded and you will know the results before you leave.  There is no cost for the tests.

To register for the class please contact Dan Stevens KL7WM, at KL7WM@... or 206-228-9274

Class Location:
Issaquah Community Center
Rainier Room
301 Rainier Boulevard S
Issaquah, WA 98027 
I hope there are some of you out there that will be able to take advantage of these classes.
Good luck and 73.
Tom Needham, WA7TBP