If you are using a TV antenna look here

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I got this information from a friend. If you are using a TV antenna system or know someone who does here is some interest info on what reception to expect from your location when everything goes digital.





I came across a wonderful tool to assist each of us who might be using an antenna (of some sort) to receive over-the-air TV signals.  (This came from Ward Silver, NØAX)


The site website is TVFOOL.COM.  Click on the "START HERE" near the bottom of the first page.  By entering in your zip code or for very specific info, your exact address (or Lat/Long coordinates), you will get a very precise map showing which channels you can expect to receive and which you will need an external antenna to get.  It also shows you the exact direction you'll need to aim your antenna for any specific antenna.


Lots of useful info.