IRLP EchoLink


Both IRLP and EchoLink are down on repeater and also my node.

Not my fault as I went to do controller programing IRLP system also had crash. I was not sure what to think at first and thought I might have messed up something in the controller. It was a frailer of the IRLP system as I was making changes to the controller so ironic timing and questioned myself. 

As of now the ports are disconnection and repeater works just without digital connection. Good planning and thought if these issues come up that the repeater will have function just by dropping ports.

That said we should get most recent image off of IRLP server it is should fail, hint Ryan.

Once IRLP is up and running again I will make another trip for correct and recent controller DAT file,


Robin WA7CPA

Thank you very much Ken!