Looking to donate ham gear


Some of you might need interested or know someone who is. See below.

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From: Adam Ham <7nlin.retired@...>
Date: Sat, May 7, 2022 at 4:19 PM
Subject: Looking to donate ham gear
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I am a former ham (N7LIN) living in North Bend. Been silent for decades. I have some older equipment to clear out (a few 2m transceivers (2 Kenmore, 1 Heath (prefab, not kit)), a 10m QRP handheld transceiver, a general purpose Heathkit HW99 50W CW transceiver, dummy loads, other low power stuff). I am interested in donating to the purpose of bringing new folks into the hobby (or for any ham related legit fun).

If you know of someone that could use this gear before I pitch (donated, gratis of course) it I'd be grateful for the advice.  I had a lot of Elmers who did the same for me when I started.....

I can be contacted at this email address.

Steve Becka (N7LIN retired)