May 5th Club Meeting Will Be Live!


Just a reminder to all members and guests that our May 5th SnoVARC meeting will be back in the Duvall Fire Department meeting room once again.  It has been a long time since we have met in person and I am looking forward to it.  

Business meeting starts at 6:15pm and the Elmer session at 7pm.

We will also have it presented on Zoom for those that cannot attend in person.

The following is info on the Elmer Session for that meeting.

The Elmer Presentation: “Starlink - Redefining Rural Internet Coverage”

This presentation covers the satellite based Internet Service Starlink.  Review points will be origins, technical aspects of satellite based internet service, setup and cost.  Also reviewed will be potential future uses of the product outside of home use.

Presenter:  Phil Moscinski N2EU

Licensed Amateur Radio Operator since 1978.  Retired IT Systems and Networking specialist working in the field over 35 years.  Also presenter for the ARRL in the area of additive manufacturing/3D printing working in this field since 2014.

Hope to see you there!