Message from Duvall/Carnation PD Chief Merryman


Hi All

Well now that the well publicized storm event has wound down, such as
it was, we seemed to have lucked out and most got a good night sleep.
Carnation lost power only for a few hours from about 2:00am - 5:00am
but other than that it was pretty calm. The forecast looks bearable
for the next 48-72 hours so hope they are right about that.

On behalf of the communities of Carnation and Duvall I want to thank
all of you for spending time with me yesterday as we prepared our
plans for the worse case scenario. I also want to express our
gratitude for just being here when we need you. It's sure comforting
to know that when the chips are down we have some awesome volunteers
more than ready and able to respond.

I would like to offer the opportunity for all to get together again
maybe just after the holidays and work on some of those things we
talked about yesterday I would like to spend a little more time
exercising through the use of some of our equipment and hey its fun
just hanging out with you all anyway!.

In the meantime have a safe and happy holiday season.
See you all soon..

Glenn Merryman
Chief Duvall/Carnation Police