More Information On Saturday CDCCC Drill


Please read the following information for more details on this Saturday's Carnation Duvall Citizen Corps Drill on 9/26. It is an online drill using a program called Zoom.  If you are not familiar with Zoom there is information in the attachment that may help you.

This is the last call to register for participating in the 2020 Carnation-Duvall Citizen Corps Annual Exercise. Please reply to info@... today to reserve your spot. Attached is some additional information about how this virtual drill will work.

This year we are focusing on a failure of the Tolt Dam and the surrounding responses, which as you all know is very timely!

The Exercise will run from 10AM - Noon on Saturday, September 26th. Being that this is a virtual exercise we are limiting the number of CDCCC Volunteers that can participate to 50.

The exercise is open to our CERTs, MRC and SnoVARC volunteers.