Saturday Spokane HF Test for Mel


Hi All,

The following is a request from Mel Ming, past president of SnoVARC.  He lives in the Spokane area now and is active with ARES teams out there.  Please read the following information and participate if you choose.  I am sure he would be grateful.


The Department of Emergency Management in Spokane has been having trouble with their HF radio. They have made some repairs on their antenna and would like to test out how it is reaching out on Saturday morning.

 They would like to do voice checks with various stations across the state, from Eastern Washington to Western Washington, starting voice checks at 10 am.

 Frequencies they would like to test will be:

80 meters = 3985 LSB (3990 and 3995 alternate)

60 meters = Ch 1

40 meters = 7190

40 meters = 7220

 No problem if you don’t have 60 meters.


Del WA7AQH and I will be serving as the Spokane reference station from my home QTH.


Starting at 10 am we will try 80 meters for 5 minutes

Then 10:05 am 40 meters 7190

Then 10:10 am 40 meters 7220

Last at 10:15 am 60 meters channel 1


Their call will be “W7GBU”.


What we need from you is an honest signal report.

If we can all hear each other, it can be given verbally.

If we can not hear each other, could you send it to me as an email even if is not heard (teammel@...)


Let me know if you can help Saturday, so I know to look for you.