So what is the plan for the SnoVARC December 3rd?


Hello everyone:
For the Zoom meeting on Dec 3, we will conduct a short business meeting, then the rest of the evening will be social time. We can visit and talk about anything we want.

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Robin, I recall that we discussed this, but without the minutes I didn’t recall if there was anything else mentioned.  Somehow I thought there was also discussion about some kind of dinner, but that may have been another meeting I had. 


Howard, did you have anything else in your notes for the minutes?


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There was a suggestion of ham radio Jeopardy and social time. I haven't had time to design a ham radio Jeopardy game.  Has anyone else given it attention?


Another idea i heard was breakout rooms for smaller group socializing. 


In short December 3 is coming up too fast!




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Subject: So what is the plan for the SnoVARC December 3rd?


Although there will be no December 3rd meeting, will there be anything since we can’t have the usual holiday dinner at a restaurant?  I just want to know what I should be putting on the website.


Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!




P.S.  Howard, we still need to post the minutes of the November meeting.  😊