December 20, 2008

Today SNOVARC staff met with the Duvall PD to discuss backup services
for both police and fire. The decision was made to keep SNOVARC on a
ready status, for call-up at any time during the weekend. Duvall PD
will make that decision.

Our mission is to provide backup communication services to the police
and fire operations, monitor their various systems including computer
and radio based communication. When requested, perform appropriate
duties. This might include transferring messages from various city
departments, police and fire and to provide extra "eyes on" their
communication systems during times when all available police and fire
are in the field.

Additional responsibilities may include support for the CERT "Warming

The EOC for this event will be at the Duvall Fire Station – the
Warming Facility will be next door at the community center.

Warming Facility and EOC will be independently activated and will
coordinate as appropriate.

All SNOVARC members are encouraged to monitor 145.590 as appropriate
to your individual situation. Remembering, take care of your family
and local situation first.

For possible activation, the following individuals please take note:

Ric Eittreim will receive the activation call from Duvall PD.

Rowland/Kathy Brasch will take first shift of 4 hours.

Ric Eittreim/Tom Redmond take next shift of 4 hours.

Jerry Konoski/LeRoy Collinwood take 3rd shift

Helen and Brady Hagar take the following shift if necessary.

As we all may have road and family issues to address, each team please
be in a ready status in case another team cannot activate. Also, all
members please dress accordingly and bring your own food and water or
coffee. We will have limited ability to access services at the fire
station so plan on being self-contained.

Other SNOVARC members have offered and will be monitoring 145.590
during the storm – Mike Parkhill (KE7PSM) is monitoring and has power
backup. Either Mike or Jerry "could" become a net control as a backup.

Additional info:
Ric's cell phone is partially broken (cannot see screen but can answer
a call)
This is a combined SNOVARC/CERT operation
Kathy Brasch will be point for the Warming Facility
Rowland/Kathy are down to 1 4WD auto so have limited travel ability
Jerry/Rowland both have Duvall FD EOC passes if required.

Duvall Police/Fire and City are coordinating with NOAA and other
agencies and we serve at their request. Please keep all
communications brief and to the point. This is a dangerous storm and
people will be stressed and have limited time in most cases.

Good luck to all.

*** end of message **