Third Thursday after mini exercise


Hello everyone:

I hope the snow didn't cause you too much trouble. I got about 6" of snow and no power, phone,or internet issues. Hope your luck was the same.

After the regular net concludes this Thursday, (the 16th), I would like to conduct a test. The test will be to simulate a failure of the Cougar repeater. If you have been on the net for awhile, you know we have a protocol to go to the cross band channels. This Thursday, we will not do that. We will use the Cougar repeater output, 441.825 MHz, as a simplex channel. I know that not all of you will be able to hear one another, but that is what this test is all about. Going to the repeater output channel as a simplex channel is what a large percentage of the nets I participate in will do in the event of a repeater failure. If we have time, I may test my communications with you by me reversing the Cougar pair and I will listen on your transmit frequency, 446.825 MHz. I will transmit to you on the Cougar output, 441.825 MHz. I know all of this sounds a little convoluted, but paves the way for a future simplex exercise that Robin suggested, and Paul and Howard are working on. I ask all of you to be patient. I believe we can learn some good things from this test.

When we start the test, I will provide instructions as to what steps you should take. This exercise will be a good chance for you to familiarize yourself with the functions of your radios. Looking forward to hearing you on Thursday.