Thursday, October 28th 3rd Thursday mini exercise


Hello everyone. This Thursday, we will resume our third Thursday mini exercises. For this exercise, we will be trying out the Carnation repeater to ascertain who can access and use the repeater. The mini will begin after the regular check in net concludes. We will switch to the Carnation repeater, and do a check in net. After all stations have checked in, then each station will have the opportunity to evaluate the usability of the signal at your QTH. 
The steps we use will be as follows:
1. I will be the net control station (NCS). 
2. You will check into the net and I will put you on a list.
3. Once everyone has checked in, I will start the signal check process.
4. You should record the signal strength of the Carnation repeater at your QTH.
5. The most important signal to evaluate is the input signal to the repeater. Is the signal usable at your QTH?
6. I will start out the signal check portion by saying "This is WA7TBP testing, 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1. Please record how usable the signal is at your QTH.
7. I will then go through the list and each station will follow the example shown in step 6.
8. When everyone on the list has had a chance to record the usability of the signal, I will let stations contact net control to request a contact with a station(s) on the net directly. 
Tech info:
1. Carnation Repeater, 441.850 MHz, plus 5 MHz, tone 103.5 Hz.
2. If you are not able to reach the UHF repeater directly, you may use the VHF crossband frequency, 145.750 MHz, simplex, tone is 103.5 Hz.
3. Depending on the number of participants, and how long it takes to do the tests, I may have us repeat the exercise using only the crossband. 
I will try to monitor the Cougar repeater during the exercise in case you cannot reach any of the Carnation repeater set up. I may appoint someone to monitor the Cougar repeater, depending on the number of participants. 
We will do a quick hot wash after everyone has had a chance to check in and do their tests.
 I trust this will be a useful exercise. I know there are several of us that have been discussing this test for some time now. Looking forward to your participation.