Time to Get On Board


Hi SnoVARC Members,

This coming Saturday (September 26th) is the Annual Carnation Duvall Citizen Corps Council Volunteers Drill. We need participation from SnoVARC members.  Always remember we are part of the CDCCC and it is one of our served agencies. It is very important for us to work with the other groups within CDCCC so we are familiar with how the organization operates as a whole so when something does arise and they need our help we have a better understanding of what might be required of us.

The exercise will run from 10AM-Noon and is open to our Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) and Sno Valley Amateur Radio Club members (SnoVARC).   

So please mark your calendars for this Saturday to participate. It will be a virtual exercise so you can participate from the comfort of your home.

To sign up send an email to info@.... For questions call Kathy Brasch @425-941-9295 or email info@...