WA7TBP Tarhell gear


Hello all:

I have listed the Tarheel gear I use.

    My Ford Excursion. The Model 300A. Using the MT 1 Mount. I just use the manual switch for tuning. I have           found this works really well. I have nylon ties at the frequencies I use all the time. When you run the tune   
    switch, you can hear the antenna when it arrives at a resonant point.

    In my RV's, I use the Model 75A. I use the MT 3 mount. I make sure the mount is well grounded to the vehicle,      using 1 in wide braided strap. The controller I use is the Tunematic ($289.95) version.

    I use the KD-T disconnects for all of my whips. In addition, I also have the capacitance hat with the quick              disconnects as well. I believe I have 4 whips of varying length.

I have had my Tarheel 300 for about 15 years. I have experienced no failures or breakdowns. The Model 75A  I have had for about 5 years. Again, no failures or breakdowns. I strongly suggest that you spend some time on the Tarheel site looking at the various mounts and accessories. There are some excellent units there.

If you have any questions, please contact me.